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Kittypets, Loners, Rogues


  • Kittypets, loners, and rogues are all cats who do not live in Clans
  • Many have no desire to live in Clans, but oftentimes if they try to join they are seen as outsiders
  • All various coat and fur patterns.
  • Some believe in StarClan, some do not.

The Difference

Kittypets: Kittypets are often very calm cats, and very friendly, oftentimes overly friendly in Clan cats view. Usually they are very pampered, and live simplistic lifestyles. Some have lost claws, and the ability to have kits. Kittypets often have a strong bond with their Twoleg, and are very loyal to them. Kittypets are looked down upon by Clan cats, but not a threat to them.

Loners: Loners are calm cats, who may claim a certain territory of their own, but more often than not travel between places. Usually there are no problems between Clan cats and loners, except where a loner trespasses onto Clan territory. Some loners can be previous Clan cats, but not usually. Loners do not live with Twolegs, nor depend on them, although they may profit off of living nearby them, such as when Ravenpaw and Barley lived in the Twoleg barn, and fed off the mice. Loners do not believe in StarClan, except perhaps in the cases of ex-Clan cats.

Rogues: Rogues are often ex-Clan cats who have been banished from the Clan. They are thought of as being very violent and almost evil cats, and often pose a threat to Clans, wreaking mischief and havoc quite frequently. There are many Rogues in the places where MistClan and IvyClan inhabit, as so many  solitary cats do not find sufficient shelter or prey, and tend to fight over it with the two Clans.


Many of these cats can be found in any of MistClan and IvyClan's territories, except for most Kittypets. However, loners and rogues will also come down to the bottom of the Rocky Mountains, to a small, yet busy, town called Manitou. There, many twolegs walk about, and provide scraps and food for the cats. Many loners and rogues have to come down here in the winter in order to find shelter and food.

The Homes

Kittypet's Place

Most of the kitty pets can be found here, as this is where many of the permanent twolegs are found. Its an old cobbled street, but the homes inside are very modern and typically kept very clean and nice. Sometimes, a loner or rogue may pass through here and find a nice enough twoleg that will provide them with food.

The Park

Hunting Grounds

For loners and rogues in the small town of Manitou, this is the best place they'll find to actually hunt. They do have to be careful however of the various dogs about, and usually this park is far too busy for a cat to concentrate, but if one can, they'll find many plump squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and other rodents to feast upon that have been fed by twolegs. Loners and rogues always have to be on the look out for twolegs who may try to pick them up, however.

Main Street

Busy & Enthralling

A vast amount of loners and rogues hang about here, where there is too much action happening around them for them to be spotted too closely, and plenty of room for them to run if needed. While the place is usually covered with twolegs at every head turn, there is also a wide variety of foods to be chosen at any point, as long as a cat is clever enough to find the trash. One can also choose to beg from certain twolegs, but then they might be putting themselves in danger of being picked up. The town gets busier the later it gets in the day, picking up at about 11:00AM and finally dropping in energy at about 4:00AM.

Cog Railroad

To the top

If a cat so desires, at the bottom of the mountain, in the town of Manitou, is a railroad that a strange sort of monster runs along. A cat needs to be careful not to be hit, but for the most part the monster is easily heard for many miles. It is rumored that a cat can follow this railroad all the way up to the top of the mountain, but a cat hasn't done it for many many moons, and it most likely takes many days, even moons. A cat would need to be a superior hunter and a skilled traveler, with a lack of fear of the bitter cold that would meet them at the top. Even so, many loners and rogues follow the trail up to various places even for a day, to hunt and to relax without many twolegs, except for the occasional passing monster. There is a vast forest and many sources of water. 

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