IvyClan Forever 

Happy Holidays!

Site Rules

1. Since most members are at least of the age of 18 here, we highly suggest you be at least 13 years of age

It is likely that you might stumble upon some mature and "serious" conversations around our site. Although we tend to keep everything PG13, many of us are adults and face adult lives, that we come here to discuss with each other.

2. Treat everyone kindly. Be welcoming to everyone. 

For the most part everyone on IvyClan has been undoubtedly kind to one another. We like to keep it that way, it makes it fun for all. 

Character Rules

1. No rare colors, as well as species.

This is further explained in the FAQ, but we do not allow big cat species unless a cat is related to them generations down, nor do we allow rare colors such as red or purple eyes. 

2. A leader will decide your warrior name, unless you create the cat as a warrior yourself.

Unless you really want a specific name, you may message the leader of your clan before your character's warrior ceremony, however they are not obligated to name your cat as so. A surprise warrior name is part of the fun of creating an apprentice or kit. 

3. A female cat can have up to eight kittens.

This is the largest litter the cat could have, although it is extremely unlikely. Most litters are between 3-5 kits. 

4. We decide the litters.

On IvyClan, to spice things up a bit, a staff member will decide the looks of your litter, and how many are born. 

Role Playing Rules

1. Sexual content is prohibited.

Although we are all adults and well aware of what happens, it is still not necessary to write it all out on here. 

2. No power play.

Powerplaying is when you play another character without a persons permission. 

3. No god modeling.

Godmodeling is when you create a character so perfect they can never be hurt nor harmed. 

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