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  • "Traditional Clan". Same hierarchy as in the books, similar traditions and beliefs. 
  • Known as smart, ambitious, loyal, and strict to others.
  • Vastly made up of gray, white, and black cats, mostly solid color, although a few are mixed patterned.
  • Past Leaders: Miststar
  • Past Deputies: N/A
  • Past Medicine Cats: N/A


Appearance: MistClan cats are mostly an average size, slightly larger than IvyClan cats. Many of them are very thin, as they live up in the upper part of the mountains, and there is less prey, and movement takes much more effort, from the lack of oxygen. Many MistClan cats have more muscle than IvyClan cats, they are hard, rather than softly built. They have better lung capacity as well, making them better hunters, quicker, and stronger than the average IvyClan cat. MistClan cats do however have rougher paw pads, shorter claws for snagging prey because of the lack of forest. Their claws are sharper however.

Personality: MistClan cats are neither smart nor dumb. They are very adamant about the warrior code, following it down to a par. They are not as tightly knit as a family unit as IvyClan is however, many of them go off on their own for time periods and return when they deem it necessary for protection, at night or during the early mornings. Camp is usually almost barren during the middle of the day. 

History: MistClan cats have never faltered on the warrior code, and if they have, they were exiled and sent out to live on their own, which is a terrible fate to have as a loner cat thousands of feet up in a mountain. Many MistClan cats follow the warrior code not because of strict beliefs, but because of fear of that punishment. It is a true fear, many loners die out on their own. A couple of MistClan cats have gone to the Dark Forest, but all were exiled. 

MistClan cats move down in the late fall early winter, and come into closer contact with IvyClan.


MistClan cats live farther up the mountain, so their territory is a bit more of a struggle to live in. However, they also face less predators and have almost no contact with humans, except for the highways that run through their territory. At night and early mornings, a thick layer of mist goes across MistClan's territory, if a cat does not return to camp, they will likely not find their way back until the next day. MistClan's hottest days are only about 70*. 

Garden of StarClan

MistClan's Camp

A cherished part of MistClan's territory, it has made its home here in the huge red rocks with dens among them. Many cats feel safe here, as though StarClan is right up next to them, even on the many nights when it seems the only other beings in the mountains at the time is MistClan themselves.

Sand Forest


MistClan cats can usually only find small mammals to prey on in here, but there are also fewer predators. The prey is few and far between, but some cats go here to enjoy a little bit more breathing room, and the lack of chance of running into other cats.

Bear Lake

Beautiful but deadly

As one would expect, a cat may come up here in the early mornings or later at night, and a thick layer of mist will cover the entire lake. Snow is still found on the shorelines and around the lake, even during the summer. Many cats have fun fishing here as well as swimming, if the day is warm enough.


Cold and Desolate

The tundra leads to the top of MistClan's territory. Only one patrol is sent up here per day, and only during the morning, as to provide cats ample time to get all the way back down. The patrol takes the entire day to get up. The tundra is very cold however, during even the hottestt summer day only reaching 45*, and in the winter, it is so cold twolegs don't dare to venture up here. Many cats do love the patrol, however exhausting it is, the view is beautiful from the top. Oxygen is low here and snow can be found wherever one turns their head. 

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