IvyClan Forever 

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  • "Traditional Clan". Same hierarchy as in the books, similar traditions and beliefs. 
  • Known as kindhearted and warm to others.
  • All various coat and fur patterns.
  • Past Leaders: Ivystar, Leopardstar
  • Past Deputies: Silverknight
  • Past Medicine Cats: Leafspring, Aquafern


Appearance: IvyClan cats are typically small, averaging with a length of 16 inches, height of 7 inches, and weight of 6.5 lb. They tend to have light fur, with dapples, spots, or stripes. There are various female calicos, tortoiseshells and white splotched cats among the ranks. Many of the descendants of these cats had various colors too them, rather than solid colors, a solid colored IvyClan cat is quite rare. 

Personality: IvyClan cats are usually quite smart, although not always witty and quick about it. They usually listen to their hearts before their heads, and tend to make quick decisions. Many of them are true to the warrior code, except when it can risk another cat's life. IvyClan cats have strong bonds with StarClan, and look up to their ancestors quite frequently for guidance. 

History: For the most part, IvyClan cats have left a legacy of loyalty to StarClan and the Warrior Code. A few however, have deceived it, particularly in acts of love or for protecting another cat. There have been no incidents of IvyClan cats who have gone to the Dark Forest. 


IvyClan cats feel best when surrounded by lush forests full of oak trees and moss, and of course, including ivy. IvyClan cats live much farther down the mountain than MistClan cats, making them more susceptible to running into a kittypet, loner, rogue or twoleg. IvyClan cherishes its territory, viewing it very important for the providing the ability to thrive.

Rocky River

IvyClan's Camp

On the shoreline of this river, are rocks that provide a safe haven for the Clan. These rocks, boulders more like, have huge gaps and crevices, some even leading down underground, that provide warm places for the cats to make dens and homes out of. The cats can also fish at anytime from this river, with an endless supply of countless species of fish passing through at any given time.

Whisper Lake

Keystone territory

IvyClan cats love to have patrols here only in the late morning or early afternoon. If gone to at any other times, other predators, such as mountain lions, may be there to prey on bigger mammals, such as elk and deer. Many IvyClan cats can find prey here, mice, voles, gophers, weasels, or any other small mammals that stop here for drinks and munch on the berries in the bushes around. 

Pine Forest

Vast and Beautiful

Many IvyClan patrols are sent out to patrol this forest. Various prey can be found anywhere inside at anytime, but predators are also roaming around. The forest stretches for miles and miles, so IvyClan doesn't control all of it, just the part that goes farther down the mountain. If one were to follow this forest all the way down, they'd be taken to a Twoleg place. IvyClan's territory is all found inside the Pine Forest.

Ghost Valley

Be with StarClan

Medicine cats can often be found in this valley, gazing up at the stars at night to see StarClan. The Valley is beautiful and luscious in the spring and summer, but IvyClan also shares it with fellow elk, moose, and mountain sheep herds. Big predator animals also threaten this territory, because of that.

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