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Beginner's Guide

Welcome to IvyClan! We are a warrior cats role play founded in 2010, by Aquafern herself. We've had our fair share of ups and downs, but we've settled on a small, tight-knit community of members. Although the name may be misleading, we do support more than one Clan. We only have two as of now however, IvyClan, and MistClan. 

Even though you're growing up, you should never stop having fun.

Nina Dobrev

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

1. How do I sign up? 

On the right side of every page there is a "Welcome Classmate!" title. Click the "Register" link. You can also click here

2. What are the rules? 

It is highly suggested to read the rules before creating a character. You can read them by clicking here.  

3. How do I create a character?

Our site is run primarily through its forums. Therefor, we role play and create our characters all in the forums. To create a character, click the "forum" link in navigation. Then choose the category that says "Create a character". Inside you'll find a form that you'll need to fill out. Copy that form, create a new topic, and fill out the form for your character. 

4. How many characters am I allowed?

You may have as many characters as you please. There are no activity checks, except for high ranks. 

5. How much do characters age?

Characters age 1 day per every passing 1 real life day. That means if you created a character who was 1 month old, if a year passes in real life, they will then be a year old.

6. What character rank can I create?

High ranks are chosen a different way than just the create a character form. You may only create kits, apprentices, warriors, queens, and elders through the character form, high ranks must be applied elsewhere if they are needed at that point in time. 

7. What time zone and time period is the site in?

The site is in the EST zone. We are also in the current day, 2017. 

8. Can I create a wildcat hybrid?

We do allow cats to be mixed with wildcats, however for a species such as a tiger, the cat must be many generations down the line related to the tiger. Some other species, such as a bobcat, can be closer related. We do not allow purebred big cats on the site, as they are more of a threat to the Clans than companions. 

9. Rare markings, rare colors, and rare breeds?

Each person is allowed to have three characters with a rare marking, such as a "heart" shaped fur or weird fur patterns. We do not permit many rare colors, such as purple or red eyes. The biggest rare breed asked about is male calicos tortoiseshells. Male calicos and tortoiseshells are both very rare in real life, and thus not likely to be accepted unless you have been around for awhile and are a consistent role player, and have prior permission. 

10. How does breeding work?

You or the partner you have chosen (the cats do not have to be mates) will post a topic in the breeding registration forum filling out a topic there. Soon, staff will reply, and hopefully if done right, the female will "be pregnant". You are free to role play her at this time.  She is pregnant for two weeks, and when it's finished on that thread a staff member will comment telling you the results of the litter, including the  looks and the amount. 

11. How often can she get pregnant and how many posts does she need?

The tom may have as many kits as he desires. The she-cat on the other hand, cannot have another litter of kits until her current are apprentices, that means once every six months. She needs at least one new role play post before every litter.

12. How are high ranks chosen?

A high rank is chosen by filling out a special form that will be in the navigation bar, titled "apply for a high rank". The cat must have one role play post at least. Staff would much more rather chose great high ranks, then fill out positions with troublesome members. While a high rank can be corrupted, a member cannot. We expect those with high ranks to be dedicated, active, and great role players. 

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