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The mooncave is a halfway meeting point between IvyClan and MistClan. It is up the mountain for IvyClan, and down the mountain for MistClan. Cats who travel here need many traveling herbs, and in the winter the cave may be completely frozen underneath, and nearly impossible to get into. Medicine Cats have a meeting here once every half moon. Medicine Cats also gain their full name here, a medicine cat apprentice will travel here with their mentor at the following half-moon meeting, and gain their name while the other medicine cats cheer it. Other ceremonies also take place here, a deputy comes with the medicine cat to officially become the next leader, and some apprentices chosen by the leader are taken here to receive their warrior name. Medicine Cats are free to visit the Mooncave at anytime to speak with their warrior ancestors, particularly when there is a crisis.

Next Meeting: July 16th-18th

The Fissure

Every full moon, a gathering of MistClan and IvyClan is here. The rocks are the border between the two Clans territories. MistClan has the larger rock, because it is further up the mountain, while IvyClan has the smaller rock. The Clan cats chose to be at the gathering place themselves on the ledges of rock, many daring to go as close as possible. The leader is at the top or the point of the rock jutting out closest to the other Clan. 

The Gathering begins when the moon is full. The start marks a truce between the two Clans, and if the truce is broken, StarClan will send clouds over the moon, displaying their unhappiness. If this happens, the Gathering is cut short and each Clan returns to their territories.

News about the Clan is told to the other Clan at the Gatherings, such as new apprentices, warriors, deputies, deaths, births, and retirement of cats. A Clan may also ask for help from another Clan. 

At the end of the Gathering, the cats come to the bottom of the huge rocks and meet each other, making friendships, or trying to decipher the strengths and weaknesses of the other Clan. 

Next Gathering: August 8th-11th

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