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Posted by Aquafern on June 22, 2017 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (7)

Hey guys! Thanks for sticking around! I just did a lot of changes, so once again I'd like you to comment below on anything you think should be changed, edited, and the things you really like or really don't like. 

We're getting pretty close to letting you create characters and stuff. 

Some ideas I took:

  • Standard cat sizes will be small, no cats can be hyrbids of big wild cats unless its far down the line. Cats can not be huge. Size will be determined based on circumstances. I don't want to put a limit until we've actually had the issue.
  • No activity check except for high ranks.
  • NPC's. Not placed about the site yet, but I will soon!
  • Present day.
  • Gatherings, events, and medicine cat meetings will be for a couple days.
  • Slowed down aging. 1 day is 1 day on site time. 
  • Non-canon board, for role playing anything. (past characters, whatever). Nothing that happens in the board is actually on the site.

The site layout is still under drastic change. 

Some new ideas? [6.11.17]

Posted by Aquafern on June 11, 2017 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (12)

Hey guys! It's so great to see all of you. I forgot how much I loved this place. I brought it back because we found out that my mom has still been paying for it this whole time, so I figured that I might as well open it up and visit with you guys, now that it is summer vacation and I'm 10x more free. I already have a couple ideas for this place, but I wanted to disucss with you guys in all honesty how you would feel about the next steps we should take and what we should center on as a site. This might be a long post and a little annoying, but I think there are some topics that are kind've obvious that we still should discuss.

First off, we are all older now and as I am going into college, I've learned that the bonds I make through role playing and some of the friendships with you guys are so much more important than the role playing itself. Thus, I'm not sure how much advertising I want to do and how much I'm going to focus on bringing in new members. Not that anyone isn't allowed, I've just found in the past that when Patch, Rose, and I focused so much on advertising we kind've lost the feel of what was actually important, which was role playing itself. In all honestly, I really feel that we shouldn't focus so much on activity, I feel like what made IvyClan flourish before was when we actually focused on the plot, and the role playing. I think that'll make IvyClan more active. Therefor I'm kinda leaning towards not having activity checks, except maybe for high ranks. Finishing off with that, I'm not trying to say to not invite anyone at all, of course the more people who are with us, the merrier! It's just I don't want us to spend all our time freaking out about the member base. 

As of right now I'm not quite sure what direction we should head towards plot/setting wise.  I don't know if we should set it back to what it was and we all resume playing our decades old characters, or if we should set it in the present, and our characters are just old now? Or maybe in the future? I'm not even sure where we should place our territories and the like. Honestly, if you guys have any ideas at all, comment below and stuff.

When I re-opened the site I knew we'd probably only need two Clans because we have a small community, but I wasn't sure what you guys thought about that. I don't even think I'm going to make a StarClan/Dark Forest page just because I view it as unnecessary. But if any of you guys have anything to say about that, let me know too. 

I know that many of you have gone on to other role play sites as well, so if you've gotten ideas you want to incorporate here too, about rules or traditions or anything, let's all discuss down below. 

I really just want to have a site wide discussion kinda about what we want to do as a whole group. I know we all love each other so it won't end in a riot, so that's why I'm kinda leaving it open. I support any ideas being as specific as you want to. :P 

Also, if you know anyone who is from Ivy, or wants to be who you think would enjoy us, let them know. I can't contact every old soul out there, so pleaaaase. Thank you. :)

P.S. I also missed you guys a ton and I'm so glad we all get to be together again haha. 


Activity & Meetings

Posted by Leopardeyes on February 26, 2016 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey Ivyclan!

Gathering & Medicine cat Meeting:

As some of you noticed the gathering and medicine cat meeting that were scheduled never took place. I would like to apologise for this mixup. I have posted a make up medicine cat meeting and a make up gathering . As these events are very last minute the threads will run for a few days to give everyone a chance to see this notice and respond.

I'm not entirely sure how Patch wanted these run so bear in mind the structure may change next time.

The gathering will mainly be focused on cats from both clans meeting and talking, if the roleplayers of the leaders wish to make a small announcement on how their clan is faring. If you have a high rank please try to post in the gathering thread. It will start as the clans arrive in the clearing.

The medicine cat meeting thread will be running at the same time as the gathering thread. However please note in roleplay these events take place at different times. If you have a medicine cat or apprentice you will be expected to post in both threads.


I know that it becomes much harder to be active when school starts back and real life gets moving however we really do need to try and post more to keep the site active.

If you come to the site please try to post something. It's better to bump up a roleplay that has become inactive, post a plot thread or even in one of the game threads in the chat forum than to post nothing at all.

What can you do if your threads have become inactive?

  • Send a friendly reminder to the other participants that they are involved in the roleplay.
  • Bump the thread
  • Start a new thread.

Gathering and Med meeting!

Posted by Aquafern on February 3, 2016 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (5)

Hey IvyClan!

Aw man.. it's hump day. D: Ahhh well. To get over the week blues, I've decided to bring you some (hopefully) good news! We're having our first medicine cat meeting and gathering! 

The dates are now updated through the button  on the homepage in case you forget, but the gathering is on February 22nd, and the medicine cat meeting is on February 15th! 

View the page for more info!

oops some changes

Posted by Aquafern on January 23, 2016 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (7)

Happy Saturday IvyClan!

So as you can tell I've clearly been doing some updates about here. I changed some of the page formats so there aren't weird things happening regarding the banner images and such, so hopefully it has more of a clean and crisp feel about it. I also added falling snow and a new layout, which I hope you noticed. :roll: On the other hand, I'm going through skellies now. If there are any in which have not been fixed after Leopard told of things to be fixed, or skellies where the member who posted them has not been active in awhile, I'm deleting and won't add the cats just to clean and tidy up. 

Anywho.. hope your holidays were well... let's start a good year for 2016 on IvyClan eh?

oh.. p.s... i'm going to start advertising again soon. Whoopee! If you could do the same, I'd love it! Let's finally get another Clan/Tribe that we've all been asking for!


Posted by 🌸 aster 🌸 on December 21, 2015 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (4)

Hey, since there are SOOOO many cats for me to add, if you guys could go through and bump up cats you still want added that would be GREAT, because sorting through all of these forms is kind of a pain...

December Activity Check

Posted by Aquafern on December 20, 2015 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (1)

Not Patch but she gave me her info to make myself an admin again and I was too lazy to log out and log back in as myself. SO

High ranks lost after two weeks of inactivity, characters deleted after a month. That's how this is apparently going now lol

The following were deleted for inactivity in IvyClan:




Wishing...? who apparently has no suffix lol












All IvyClan cats have been aged (Warriors and others 1 moon, Kits 2 moons)

Aging Up:

Wildpaw --> Wildleaves

Fawnpaw --> Fawn___?

Prettypaw --> Prettysky

Eveningpaw --> Eveningwish

Emberkit --> Emberpaw

Honeykit --> Honeypaw

Oatkit --> Oatpaw

The following were deleted for inactivity in RoseClan:













All RoseClan cats have been aged (Warriors and others 1 moon, Kits 2 moons)


Aging Up:

Flickerpaw --> Flickerspirit

Glowpaw --> Glow___?

Fawnpaw --> Fawn___? (Burnstar)

Lizardkit --> Lizardpaw

Tinykit --> Tinypaw

I have also messaged Bleu about their activity as Larkstar, but for now Larkstar remains in position.

The following were deleted for inactivity in Outsiders:

Antoinette (kittypet)

Cocoa (kittypet)

Nyght (rogue)

Blinksfoot (rogue)

Crow (loner)

Iceshadow (loner)


All Outsider cats have been aged (1 moon each)

It's snowing!

Posted by Aquafern on November 21, 2015 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (2)

Well, we're having our first real snow today on IvyClan! So if you wanna make any posts today with snow... here's your chance! 

Anywho... It's Thanksgiving next week, and then we'll be into Leaf-bare! Man, the year is going by so fast... 

I love y'all, have a nice weekend!

Activity Check for Noooooveeeembah

Posted by Aquafern on November 5, 2015 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

All cats have been aged, check out your characters new age!

The following cats were deleted for inactivity in the Outsiders:


Eel (Loner)

Harley (Rogue)

The following cats were deleted for inactivity in IvyClan:











*Can I have Icekit's role player?*






The following cats were deleted for inactivity in RoseClan:







The following are kits who have now become apprentices:








Please message me when they have their ceremonies so I can move them up on the cat page! (the role players of the cats need to message me)

The following are apprentices who are becoming warriors:







Please message me when they have their ceremonies so I can move them up on the cat page! (the role players of the cats need to message me)

Happy Halloween!

Posted by Aquafern on October 31, 2015 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Dear IvyClan,

I wish you all a very happy, and unhealthy (?) halloween! Please be safe tonight and don't run out in front of cars... or if you're going to parties, drive safe, and don't drink under age. 


have a wonderfully spooky night!


Looking for Moderators

Posted by Aquafern on October 18, 2015 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (6)

So it was just brought to my attention that I only have two moderators now to accept cats. Leo, who is perfect because she has a different timezone than me, and Sun. (who may or may not, but it's close enough to mine so that we can be online at the same time).

So I really need two more moderators. Here is the page to fill out the form

Please don't bother me about it, or send me messages about it. If you send in your form, that's all you can do. 

Also, if you have time, you should send Leo and Sun a thank you message for being such great moderators!

Some changes

Posted by Aquafern on October 12, 2015 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (2)

So, first off... I'd like to introduce to you all remind:

It is a notification service that most schools/teachers use now, that allows them to remind students of assignments. Well, I thought it would be pretty cool for IvyClan to use such a thing, as it keeps everything locked (I cannot get your phone number, you cannot get mine) and will allow me to send out announcements on any future changes (for instance when we change our layouts for the different seasons, that way you'll know the site will be under construction). It does allow me to text you, without knowing your phone number of course, at any time of day, so that way if you're too busy to get on the site during the week, if something MAJOR (we won't notify way too often) happens, you'll be informed. We won't of course spam you, and I highly doubt we'd send out more than one or two per month. 

Anywho, the information to get signed up for it is on the homepage right above the chat. 

I've also introduced some new pages, such as a herb page, a plotting forum, a diseases and injuries page, battle techniques (good for apprentice training!), and added shankara clearing which is located in outsider territory, is now the new place for medicine cat meetings every half moon. 

Activity Check

Posted by Aquafern on October 8, 2015 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (9)

I have also stopped assigning mentors and apprentices, because it is too hard for me to keep up with who's active and who's not and who I need to add/delete. 

I need Birdpaw's image again

I need Claykit's image again

Oh, and Honeykit's form of IvyClan is just gone so if someone could give me that again???

The following cats were deleted for inactivity in the Outsiders:










The following cats were deleted for inactivity in IvyClan:




























The following cats were deleted for inactivity in RoseClan:











The following are kits who have now become apprentices:

Claykit -> Claypaw (IvyClan)

Sandkit->Sandpaw (IvyClan)

Mudkit -> Mudpaw (IvyClan)

Please message me when they have their ceremonies so I can move them up on the cat page! (the role players of the cats need to message me)

The following are kits who are becoming apprentices:


Petalkit (IvyClan)

Tigerkit (IvyClan)

The following are apprentices who are becoming warriors:

Quietpaw (IvyClan)

Raccoonpaw (IvyClan)

Autumnpaw (IvyClan)

Birdpaw (IvyClan)

Blizzardpaw (IvyClan)

Leopardpaw (IvyClan)

The following medicine cat apprentice has become Medicine Cat:

Roseclaw of RoseClan

Remember for any ceremonies, please message me with your characters new name so I can add them under their correct rank!

All cats have been aged as well.

Activity Check

Posted by Aquafern on September 6, 2015 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (3)

New mods: Leopardeyes, Sun, Rainwhisper,

The following cats are now ACTIVE and were previously inactive:


The following cats were active but are now INACTIVE:

Whitespirit (role played by: Rosey) (IvyClan)

Asphodelpetal (role played by: Rosey) (IvyClan)

Rosepaw (role played by: Rosey) (IvyClan)

Weedpaw (role played by: Rosey) (IvyClan)

Rushpaw (role played by: Rosey) (IvyClan)

Sundust (role played by: Ebonykit) (IvyClan)

Batswipe (role played by: Summer) (IvyClan)

Whitefall (role played by: Snowy) (IvyClan)

Duckpaw (role played by: Dakaelum) (IvyClan)

Crowtail (role played by: Crowtail) (IvyClan)

Ashpaw (role played by: Snowy) (IvyClan)

Quickpaw (role played by: Summer) (IvyClan)

 Darkfang (role played by: xxDancing.DevilxX) (IvyClan)

Cleargaze (role played by: Summer) (IvyClan)

Ravenflight (role played by: Salty) (IvyClan)

Redfrost (role played by: Featherfrost) (IvyClan)

Spruce (role played by: Rosey) (Rogue)

Nutmeg (role played by: Summer) (Kittypet)

Popcorn (role played by: Star) (Kittypet)

The following are kits who have now become apprentices:

Claykit -> Claypaw (IvyClan)

Sandkit->Sandpaw (IvyClan)

Mudkit -> Mudpaw (IvyClan)

Please message me when they have their ceremonies so I can move them up on the cat page! (the role players of the cats need to message me)


The following are apprentices who are becoming warriors:

Foxpaw (IvyClan)

Sparrowpaw (IvyClan)

Whimbrelpaw (IvyClan)

Pearpaw (IvyClan)

Fawnpaw (IvyClan)

Crowpaw (IvyClan)

Please message me when they complete their ceremony and their new full name.

New mentor/apprentice pairings:

Duskpaw -> Mothnose

Autumnpaw -> Featherstep

Sparrowpaw -> Dewdrop

Fawnpaw -> Dawnfeather

Foxpaw -> Moonblaze

And RoseClan is new so I don't need to update them quite yet.

Fall, Activity Check, Site Update

Posted by Aquafern on September 1, 2015 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (5)

Dear IvyClan members, 

Hello! I hope your September 1st was as eventful as mine. (Jk, mine wasn't really that eventful.) First off, I'd like to start with the obvious that we have a new fall layout! This is actually a layout that I spent time on pre today (usually I just kinda go in the day of the new season and throw a new layout at y'all not really making any vital changes. Bad, I know. I'm improving this outlook.) and I think I will do this in the future, because it helped me hold off until it was September 1st to change it, as well as make sure that there weren't simple errors in the entire thing. It also, I think, improved the quality of it as it looks much more professional than any other layout I've ever done. Basically, I hope you guys love it, but if there's anything that is a problem, please inform me below! ❤️‍ 

Secondly, I am trying to fix any simple shananigans we have about the site. Such as broken links, images, weird text not making sense or not correlating, you know, the little bugs and errors. I have decided that tomorrow I will actually be working on our guide, it will be a video guide, since I know in the past many users love that! (although I do apologize that you have to hear my voice!  If there is anything else I haven't finished that you think I might have forgotten about, please inform me. 

We have a new Clan in our midst!  Yes, RoseClan is here! There is no rush for it to become incredibly active or all positions to be filled, I want it to be lowkey and enjoyable, so don't feel pressure! Only join if you know you'll be active and a contribution to the Clan. This does however mean that soon we'll be having Gatherings, but I don't believe we'll have them until the end of next month, or the month after, to make things easier. 

I regret to inform you that we are back down to a one staff site. Rose decided that IvyClan wasn't for her, and she had no other enjoyment in it. We will miss her dearly, and there are certainly no bitter feelings! (Rose and I are still friends in real life). This does mean however, that I am looking for two Moderators. The application page is here. Remember, there are only two moderator positions, so if you aren't picked, there will be plenty of times in the future! 

I wish to end on a good note, so I'm sure some of you have noticed on the sidebar of our homepage the new Miniplot! Si, si, si! It is somewhat Halloween/Twoleg themed, and involves Twolegs going onto Clan territory! You can branch off on it in anyway you'd like, be as creative as you want! I know the past IvyClan didn't do anything like this, and it's not too intense where you'd actually have to keep up if you wanted. 

I will be posting the activity check here tomorrow. Come back and check then for that.

It will be awhile most likely before I talk to you all again on a news post, so I hope you all have a wonderful September and start off the school year or college great! Hope to see you around IvyClan!

With love, 


IvyClan History

Posted by Aquafern on August 21, 2015 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (7)

So IvyClan really needs a history to be filled in for it... I felt like I really couldn't do that by myself because quite frankly I'm not sure what you guys want in for it. So if anyone has any ideas comment below or message me and I'd love to hear anything. :)


Posted by 🌸 aster 🌸 on August 1, 2015 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (7)

It's still Green-Leaf! Much to my personal dismay, the heat is killing me


The following cats are now ACTIVE and were previously inactive:






The following cats were active but are now INACTIVE:


The second Medicine Cat Apprentice, since Warriors are also doubling up on Apprentices is Darkpaw! Whoo congrats

The following are kits who have now become apprentices:

Seakit -> Seapaw

The following are apprentices who are becoming warriors:

Whitepaw -> Whitefall

Ashpaw -> Ashsong

New mentor/apprentice pairings:

Batswipe is now mentoring Foxpaw.

Antblaze is now mentoring Seapaw.

Rainwhisper is now mentoring ONLY Quietpaw.

Leopardpaw is now being mentored by Mousefoot.

Featherstep is now mentoring ONLY Duckpaw.

Quickpaw is now being mentored by Dewdrop.

Mothnose is now mentoring ONLY Rushpaw.

Bizzardpaw is now being mentored by Littlefang.

Sister Site! (kinda)

Posted by 🌸 aster 🌸 on July 27, 2015 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (5)

So. Another site. yeah.

They WILL be sister sites.. as soon as I can get Patch to code it into said other site.

ANYWAYS, it's a Harry Potter RP and it would be super cool if you guys would join? If you want??

http://sutemeny.proboards.com/ ???

Please?? Thank you????????!

(ps I might be choosing a trusted member from here to be a part of the BIG plot ?? so join?? u guys r gr8 n stuff)

Rose sucks tbh

Posted by 🌸 aster 🌸 on July 21, 2015 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (2)
I have been suuuuuper inactive and I apologize!!! I obviously have no idea what has been happening lately. I'm not going to make excuses, yeah I've been doing stuff, yeah my depression gets worse in the summer. I still could have gotten on if I were a more responsible staff member. As soon as I have access to a computer I'm going to make a rule about character acceptance, something along the lines of if you aren't accepted within five days of posting your character you can RP as long as you have all required fields (namely an image and personality). Once I'm home (I've been on vacation and with friends for quite literally two weeks straight, and I've got five or so days left) I will try to be more active. I'm sorry I suck so much guys. Hopefully once school starts I won't have too bad of a workload and I'll be able to get on more / more motivated to get on.

some spruce

Posted by Aquafern on July 17, 2015 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (3)

So I know I'm obviously not very active, or not active at all... sorry. 

Anyways, I was curious if you guys are happy with the way things are right now or if you'd rather me add something, like a mini or mega plot, or new clan or new tribe or group of loners/rogues or idk what you'd want... 


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