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Welcome back! To sign in, go to the left side of the page, and press the "sign in" button. Make sure to update yourself on any new announcements that have come out, and to reply to your role plays as fast as you can!
If you're confused, you should start by just simply scrolling down the page to find out all about what this site is! If you think you understand, scroll back up, and press the "register" button to the right and join us! Soon, you'll receive a welcome message by Moon, and she'll be glad to answer any of your questions. If you continue to scroll down, you'll find other things you can do to help you on your journey. Hope to see you soon!


Sutemeny was formerly made back in 2009 by Aquafern. It was originally a warrior cats rpg, with only one Clan, of IvyClan. It is now an all forms rpg, allowing wolves, warrior cats, and big wild cats. It is now owned by someone called by the name of Moon. We are an open, friendly community, with a basis of intermediate to advanced role players. With so many options being available to you, we pride ourselves on being so different. Instead of many multi-rpg sites that just allow members to create a role play, this site has a huge plot, one that is already formed out for you, and that you can simply just join into! We have wolf packs, dog packs, warrior cats, and wild cats. We have three Clans of warrior cats, LucidClan, IvyClan, and HazeClan. We have one dog pack, IvyPack, and two wolf packs, HazePack and IvyPack. Our wild cats live on a separate continent, to which you are allowed to create your own separate groups, such as prides, packs, clans, whatever you'd like to call them. The best thing about Sutemeny is that you do not have to be apart of the other role plays! To join IvyPack, you don't also have to have any connection to IvyClan, you only simply have to know what is happening to your wolf packs. That means that you don't need to know anything about any other kinds of role plays, to join the ones you'd like!
Sutemeny may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but we promise that if you ask members for help in our chat box on the side of our site, they will be glad to help you.